Jan 19

NCWIT Award for Aspirations in Computing

Congratulations to 4303C team member Katherine Cinnamon who won the 2018 NCWIT Aspirations in Computing Award, National Honorable Mention and Winner in Virginia. She was honored as one of the top 400 HS girls in computing across the nation!
We are so proud of you!

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Nov 20

Design Award

Congratulations to 4303C Crossfire for winning the Design Award at the SciTech Regional!

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Oct 30

Innovate Award

Congratulations to 4303C and 4303X who jointly won the Innovate Award at the Potomac School Regional. They were selected for their innovative engineering solutions for design features on their robots.

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Aug 29

Trip to World Championships

In April, Team 4303C traveled to Louisville Kentucky to compete at the VEX Robotics World Championships. Over 1,100 teams from 30 countries and all 50 states gathered for 3 days of intense competition. It was an amazing experience to compete at that levels and meet students from around the world that love robotics as much as we do.


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Feb 08

Excellence and Design Award

Congratulations to 4303X who won the Excellence Award and 4303C who won the Design Award and were Tournament Finalists at the Fairfax Regional event on February 7th. Both teams have now qualified and will represent Forest Park at the State Championships on February 19-20! Good luck teams!IMG_7327 IMG_7321IMG_7326

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Jan 30

Congratulation to our Students!

Congratulations to our team members for their recent accomplishments!

Katherine was just named a runner up in the NCWIT Aspirations in Computing Award for Virginia! View her profile.
The award honors young women at the high school level for their computing-related achievements and interests.

Matthew and Rachel were selected to be part of the Virginia Space Coast Scholars program for sophomores and Syed was selected to be part of the Virginia Aerospace Science and Technology Scholars for juniors. They are all currently participating in a 5 month online seminar and will spend a week this summer at a NASA facility working with engineers and scientists learning about the future of space flight!



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Jan 20

ZERO Robotics team heading to MIT

Congratulations to the Forest Park ZERO Robotics team for their outstanding accomplishments this year. They have advanced to the finals which will be held at MIT in January.

235- ZERO Waterbears web picThe students on the “Waterbears” Zero Robotics team are Syed, Brandon, Brady, Jack, and Hamza . They are coached by Mrs. Rachelle Carlson.

The Forest Park Zero Robotics Team, is a small group of students passionate about computer science. The members of the Waterbears have several years of programming experience through the Information Technology program at Forest Park.Brady, Hamza and Syed also compete in VEX Robotics on VRC team 4303X.

Zero Robotics is a robotics programming competition where the robots are SPHERES (Synchronized Position Hold Engage and Reorient Experimental Satellites) inside the International Space Station. The competition starts online where teams program the SPHERES to solve an annual challenge. After several phases of virtual competition in a simulation environment that mimics the real SPHERES, finalists are selected to compete in a live championship aboard the ISS. An astronaut will conduct the championship competition in microgravity with a live broadcast!

Good luck Waterbears! We know you will represent Forest Park admirably at the MIT competition!



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Jan 18

Excellence Award for 4303C

At the Bull Run Regional, 4303C won the Excellence Award along with Programming and Robot Skills! Team 4303X finished in the top 8 after qualifiers and hit a personal best in robot skills. Congratulations Teams!excellence

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Jan 05

Tournament Champions

Congratulations to 4303X and 4303C who finished in 7th and 8th place after the qualifying rounds at the Battle of the Bridge at Woodbridge High School. Team 4303C went on to become the Tournament Champions with a stunning win over the top ranked alliance in the finals 205-203!


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Jan 05

Robot Skills Champions

October 31st – Congratulations to 4303C for their performance at the Potomac School Regional. They won the Robot Skills Challenge with 201 points! They are currently the top ranked team in Virginia.

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